Thoroughbred Horse Paper Bracelet



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Thoroughbred Horse Paper Bracelet

A magnificent round bracelet dedicated to the thoroughbred horse, ecological because it is made of fine paper mounted on steel wires blocked at the ends by small metal beads.

The bracelet has no closure, the size is unique and when worn it does not slip from the wrist.

Thoroughbred Horse Paper Bracelet

The best of Made in Italy dedicated to horses, to Thorougbred Horse, for you.

Thoroughbred Horse Paper Bracelet

By purchasing this bracelet you will also have the Exclusive Services reserved for our customers. Thank you.

Paper jewels, unique and inimitable, handmade in Italy by Italian hands with high quality papers, resistant to humidity and sweat.

The paper

A simple, ecological but extraordinarily fascinating and ancient material like the history of man.

Each jewel is a unique piece to wear, handmade, just for you, you will see excellence in every detail

Choose this bracelet and you will receive it directly at your home without shipping costs, in total safety, protected from bumps that could damage it in a few days, the time needed to make your thoroughbred horse paper bracelet.

Important: As our collection of bracelets is handmade, there may be a slight variation between the bracelet you see here and the one that comes home and is proof that your thoroughbred horse paper bracelet is handmade, just for you.

Thank you.

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