Head Horse 328 Bracelet




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Head Horse 328 Bracelet

The elegant strip of genuine Italian leather that crosses the head of a silver-plated steel horse, naturally nickel-free, and turns three times around the wrist.

The best of Made in Italy dedicated to horses and their elegance.

By purchasing Head Horse 328 Bracelet you will also have the Exclusive Services reserved for our Customers. Thank you.

Head Horse 328 Bracelet

Head Horse 328 Bracelet

Choose it in the color you prefer and you will receive it directly at your home, in total safety, protected from shocks that could damage it and without shipping costs in a few days, the time needed by our Master Goldsmiths to make your bracelet.

Important: As our bracelet collection is handmade, there may be a slight variation between the Head Horse 328 bracelet you see here and the one that will be delivered to your home and it is proof that your bracelet is handmade, only for you.

And now why not have your horse, or the horse of a loved one, painted for a gift that you will never forget, in a precious majolica plate? See how it could be here.

Horse painted on a Plate

Thanks again and see you soon.

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