Galloping Horse Bracelet 8



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Galloping Horse Bracelet 8

Galloping Horse Bracelet 8 is our most important wood bracelet with a hand pyrographed galloping horse for those who know how to wear with elegance.

Created in precious hand-turned linden wood, it is 8 cm high.

If you want, we can also pyrograph your name or a short sentence: indicate it in the order form in the “Order Notes” box. Thank you.

The wood

Ecological and eco-sustainable, wood is the only material that only needs water, air and sun to grow, it is good for the environment because wood absorbs carbon dioxide and is biocompatible because it has the ability to be metabolized by living organisms without have no harmful effect on their vital functions helping to reduce pollution of the planet.

Choose one of our wooden bracelets and you will be good for the environment. Thank you.

The bracelet is slightly convex, the maximum thickness is about 5 mm, the inner diameter is 6.7 cm and when worn it does not slip off your wrist.

In the photo one moment of the craftsmanship.

Galloping Horse Bracelet 8

The best of Made in Italy dedicated to horses and by purchasing this bracelet you will also have the Exclusive Services reserved for our Customers.

Galloping Horse Bracelet 8

You will receive your Galloping Horse Bracelet 8 directly to your home without shipping costs, in total safety, protected from shocks that could damage it in about 10 days, the time it takes for our craftsmen to make your bracelet.

Important: As our bracelet collection is handmade, there may be a slight variation between the bracelet you see here and the one you will receive at home and it is confirmation that your Galloping Horse Bracelet 8 is handmade, just for you .

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Thanks again and see you soon.