Horseback riding in Cortina

Cortina on Horseback

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Horseback riding in Cortina

The emotion of emotions.


Horseback riding in Cortina, the pearl of the Dolomites, is an experience that those who, like we, love horses and their elegance, must absolutely put it into their travel plans.

The name Cortina seems to derive from the Ladin diminutive of curtis which, in the Middle Ages, indicated small communities but could also indicate a small courtyard, a space delimited by a wall.

Horseback riding in Cortina

Horseback riding in Cortina, in the Dolomites, perfect for a horse ride and Unesco World Heritage Site is an extraordinary and unforgettable experience that will remain in your memories forever and do not forget that the Italy Polo Challenge is held in Cortina.

Polo Cortina

The peaks sculpted by the weather are today a geological treasure that gives the landscape a unique beauty because the particular type of rock, the dolomite, gives these mountains, at sunrise and sunset, a color that goes from pink to fiery red, particularly visible on summer evenings.

The Dolomites
The Dolomites

Horseback riding in Cortina. Two tips.

For your horseback riding in Cortina you could wear a garment from our Sportswear Collection the embroidered Club Cavallo Italia brand will let everyone know that you are part of a special world, the magical world of those who love horses.
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Horseback riding in Cortina
A bag from our collection

To choose among the many routes that this extraordinary area offers, we contact the equestrian centers in the area (you can find them on the FISE Veneto website, selecting the province of Belluno) who will be happy to help you.

Cortina on Horseback

If you are traveling with your horse, read our tips on how to drive with the horse here and how to get the horse in the van here. Thank you.

Horse in the van

Horseback riding in Cortina. Shopping

Since the fifties Cortina has had the distinction of the most fashionable holiday resort in Italy where, walking through the streets of the center, you will discover the trends of the coming seasons before the others.

Shopping in Cortina
The center of Cortina

A walk through the streets of the center and, between a glimpse of the sky and the top of a mountain, you will find shops, jewelers and watches, art galleries, antiquities and antiques.

And now…

… now our advice for you who love horses

Let it be known that you love horses

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Horseback riding in Cortina

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Horseback riding in Cortina. Eating

After an unforgettable horsebak riding in Cortina we recommend you to discover its traditional flavors, the most classic dishes such as casunziei, typical specialties of the Ampezzo valley, the traditional Tyrolean dumplings such as spätzle and the inevitable polenta that can be combined with goulash and melted cheese.

polenta that can be combined with goulash in Cortina
The polenta that can be combined with goulash

Horseback riding in Cortina. Sleeping

The offer of hotels in Cortina is really great and we are sure that you will find the hotel that suits your needs and those who travel with you.

We recommend three hotels: the Cristallo Hotel, the Grand Hotel Savoia and Miramonti Majestic Grand Hotel, all with SPA to relax after spending a day discovering Cortina on horseback.

Hotel Cristall in Cortina
The Hotel Cristallo

Skiing in Cortina

If, in addition to horses, you love snow sports, Cortina, the Queen of the Dolomites, is a real paradise with some of the most evocative scenarios in its over 85 kilometers of slopes, with three ski areas connected to each other by a free ski bus.

Sky in Cortina

Cortina d’Ampezzo is also part of the Dolomitisuperski area, one of the largest ski carousels in the world with 450 ski lifts included in a single ski pass to take advantage of over 1200 kilometers of slopes in 12 different valleys.

But Cortina d’Ampezzo is not just sport: it is the only Italian resort among the twelve destinations of the Best of the Alps and it is also the Queen of cultural, social and food and wine entertainment with many proposals for those who always love to live the mountains.

On Horseback in…

After visiting Cortina on Horseback, we suggest you visit Portofino, naturally on Horseback, one of the most elegant places in Italy.


Portofino waiting for you.

Before leaving for Cortina, or Portofino, remember our Bags Collection, naturally dedicated to horses, created by the skilled hands of our master leather makers in real and soft Italian leather, to… smell, the ideal companion for your travels and for your horseback riding to have what you need with you and your hands always free.


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Thank you

Thanks for the time you spent with us, we hope to see you soon in Cortina on horseback and, if you liked our advice, send the link of this page to those who will appreciate them and we will be delighted.

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Thanks again and see you soon.

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