Appaloosa Horse Appaloosa Horse is a breed of horse originating in North America that cannot fail to catch the eye with its typical patchy coat. The first testimonials… The first tests of the Appaloosa Horse, the “horse with spots”, are lost in the mists of time. In fact, the cave paintings are found in Lescaux and Peche Merle in France, dating back to 18,000 BC. but painted horses are thought to be more a representation of dreams and visions than horses actually used by primitives. The typical spotted coat… The typical spotted coat gave the Appaloosa Horse many names: from the mystical celestial horse inRead More →

Maremmano Horse Maremmano Horse. The origins The origins of the Maremmano Horse have their roots in the territory of the ancient Etruscans in the Tuscan-Lazio Maremma and, since then until the mid-1800s, the breed has maintained the same initial characteristics as a stocky, strong and shady horse. Around 1870 he began to cross it with more gentle and slender looking horses and, thanks to the English thoroughbred, he came to what is commonly called the new generation with the birth of the stallion Fauno, in 1902 in the royal stables of San Rossore, in Tuscany. The Maremmano Horse and… …the English Thoroughbred Horse The EnglishRead More →

Arabian Horse Arabian Horse is one of the oldest breeds, naturally originating in Saudi Arabia, which has also been used to create or improve other breeds from all over the world, first of all the English Thoroughbred. The thoroughbred Arabian horse is the result of centuries and centuries of selection and use in climatic conditions so difficult as to allow survival only for the most resistant and courageous subjects. To this must be added that the breeding criterion of the Bedouin tribes has always been to use the subjects endowed with the maximum speed and able to withstand long marches that often ended in warRead More →